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1、众生皆苦,只有你是草莓味。 All beings are bitter, only you are strawberry. 2、别烦我,我要管理天庭。 Don't bother me. I want to manage the heaven. 3、自拍三千,只取一张晒。 Three thousand selfies, just take one. 4、这么可爱的我,你确定不要。 Such a lovely me, are you sure not to. 5、带我走吧,我很好养的。 Take me away. I'm fine. 6、留了青山在,还是没柴烧。 There is still no wood to burn after leaving the green mountain. 7、欢迎光临,我的开心。 Welcome, my pleasure. 8、别撩我裙子,撩我。 Don't lift my skirt, lift me. 9、蓦然回首,你还是那么丑。 Suddenly looking back, you are still so ugly. 10、你是年少的欢喜,倒过来念。 You are the joy of youth. Read it backwards. 11、天气很热,想找个人冷战。 It's very hot. I want to find someone to fight. 12、今天的天气很暖,你也是。 It's very warm today, so are you. 13、不管几岁,少女心万岁。 No matter how old you are, long live the girl's heart. 14、你来的话,日子会甜一点。 If you come, the days will be sweeter. 15、想吃掉难过,但它太大了。 Want to eat sad, but it's too big. 16、世人皆苦,唯有你甜。 The world is bitter, but you are sweet. 17、生活不易,猪猪叹气。 Life is not easy, pig sighs. 18、星星溜进来,躲在屋顶。 The stars slipped in and hid on the roof. 19、很想谈恋爱,但又怕被日。 I want to fall in love, but I'm afraid of being lost. 20、事已至此,先吃饭吧。 That's it. Let's eat first. 21、跟我走吧,我们去兴风作浪。 Come with me. Let's make waves. 22、可爱又迷人的反派角色。 cute and charming villain. 23、生活好讨厌,幸亏我可爱。 Life is so annoying. Fortunately, I'm cute. 24、可爱不是长之计,可爱我是。 Cute is not a long-term plan, cute I am. 25、你只管可爱,我负责给糖。 Just be cute and I'll give you the sugar. 26、本人丰富,无法简介。 I am too rich to introduce myself. 27、随身的行囊,装些快乐。 Carry a bag with you to hold some happiness. 28、人间美好,日落和你。 The world is beautiful, sunset and you. 29、健康可爱,没有眼袋。 Healthy and lovely, no pouch. 30、女孩子很温柔了,不是吗? Girls are the softest, aren't they? 31、偶尔想你,经常偶尔。 Miss you occasionally, often occasionally. 32、世间百态,我只想一直可爱。 Everything in the world, I just want to be cute all the time. 33、刚刚拍的,p过,勿扰。 Just shot, P yes, don't disturb. 34、时间仍在,是我们飞逝。 Time is still, we fly. 35、一旦动心,就伤筋动骨。 Once you move your heart, it hurts your muscles and bones. 36、你别哭,哭了我想笑。 Don't cry, I want to laugh. 37、向来没有讨好的天分。 Never had the talent to please. 38、我在熬夜,熟了叫你。 I'm staying up late. I'll call you when I'm ripe. 39、夜深了,文盲也变诗人了。 Late at night, illiterates become poets. 40、我想要和你,一起慢慢变老。 I want to grow old with you. 41、我想有一天你做饭,我捣乱。 I think one day you cook and I make trouble. 42、我喜欢的样子,你都有。 You have everything I like. 43、落叶归根,我归你,嘻嘻。 Falling leaves return to their roots, I belong to you, hee hee. 44、你偶尔可恶,永远可爱。 You are hateful occasionally and lovely forever. 45、你好帅,我想要你。 You're handsome. I want you. 46、愿得一人心,免得老相亲。 May you have a heart, so that you won't have a blind date. 47、今天不预报天气,欲抱你。 The weather is not forecast today. I want to hold you. 48、懒人日记:算了,懒得写。 Lazy diary: forget it, I'm too lazy to write. 49、要想人不知,除非你爱我。 If you want people to know, unless you love me. 50、想不出文案,想你。 I can't think of a copy. I miss you. 51、你所见即我,我不反驳。 What you see is me. I don't refute it. 52、人丑还想视频的,请自重! Ugly people still want to video, please respect yourself! 53、如你所见,是个美女。 As you can see, she is a beautiful woman. 54、念念不忘,必有回响。 Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. 55、放轻松,就当漫游地球。 Relax and roam the earth. 56、想不出文案,那就想你吧。 If you can't think of a copy, miss you. 57、纵观天下,我很可爱。 Throughout the world, I am the most lovely. 58、先生苦海无涯,回头是我。 Sir, the sea of suffering is boundless. It's me to look back. 59、婴儿肥纠缠不清患者。 Baby fat tangled patients. 60、不乖,想被喜欢的人训。 Bad, want to be scolded by people you like. 61、近朱者赤,近我者甜。 He who is near is red, and he who is near is sweet. 62、热爱可抵岁月漫长。 Love is worth years. 63、我给你吹吹枕边风。 I'll blow the pillow breeze for you. 64、惯着我的人,才有资格管我。 Those who are used to me are qualified to take care of me. 65、不笑运气差,一笑脸就大。 If you don't laugh, you'll get a big smile. 66、我想在端庄之前,先有趣。 I want to be interesting before being dignified. 67、春风十里,不如睡你。 Spring breeze ten miles, it's better to sleep with you. 68、永远年轻,永远半糖加冰。 Always young, always half sugar and ice.